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Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia: Nacholympics

26 Oct

SahniaAccording to the Lonely Planet Australia guidebook, Bondi Beach is the place to go if you want the ultimate Sydney experience. Though one might suspect that we enjoy tourist traps, these kinds of environments tend not to be a Nacho Patroler’s cup of tea. Something about us–perhaps it’s that delightful air of nacho that we leave in our wake–doesn’t agree with large groups of sweaty tourists flashing photos at inopportune moments. That said, we’d all but written off the overdeveloped Bondi…until we read that it’s the best place to find “disconcertingly attractive” locals. Needless to say we had to evaluate this prospect for ourselves (look there’s one!). And what better way to enjoy those beautiful bodies than by eating some nachos at the outdoor tables of Sahnia.

  • Appearance: (7) a little burnt and, per the South Pacific way, as green as the Emerald City. Definitely not as attractive at the surfers, but we were still ready to eat them up. The nachos, not the surfers (okay, maybe both).
  • Distribution: (7, +1 extra point for beans) Again, nothing here to write home about. The ample supply of chips lacked enough topping. Nudity is fine for surfers, but we like our nachos drenched in accouterments. The small amount of cheese quickly solidified into an inedible blob. As you might note, though, they did receive an extra point for adding a sprinkling of kidney beans free of charge.
  • Quality: (7) As guest reviewer A-Speg points out, the chips were really what made this nacho plate shine. “They’re sturdy,” she says, only slightly embarrassed to publicly be reviewing nachos. “They’re thick and small, which makes for a manageable bite.” We also enjoyed the mince–more of a taco filling than a chili, and while the salsa was fresh, it wasn’t very innovative. Good, but not innovative.
  • Price: (5) We really can’t blame Sahnia for the woefully poor exchange rate, but if you’re an American in Australia, expect to pay about USD $14 for these nachos. Acceptable for a huge plate in the states, but downright depressing down under.
  • Overall: 26/40. Generally meh, but far from a failing grade. If you’re in Sydney and happen to be on the bus to Bondi Beach and you’re really craving some nachos, get yourself to Sahnia. Just don’t expect much. And when you finally get to the beach, maybe keep your shirt on. In the mean time, Nacho Patrol will be at the gym.