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Ducali Pizza: Nachos for the Pizza Inclined, or Vice Versa

28 Mar

This week, we dip our toe once more into the deceptively turbulent waters of Italian Nachos.  We’ve had mediocre ones at Anchovies in the South End, a delicious-if-not-quite-strictly-Italian version at Vito’s Tavern, and a rather disastrous attempt at making our own (and we’d prefer to just never again discuss what happened when we actually ate nachos in Italy).  When we heard that Ducali Pizza in the North End had a their own version, the “Nachos Italiano”, we had to give it a try as well.

Despite its proximity to the bromageddon that is the North Station area, we found Ducali to be pleasantly empty the evening we popped in (be sure to check the Garden schedule in advance before making a trip). Along with beers from their small but varied list, we made a beeline for the aforementioned nachos, described as “Pizza dough chips baked with mozzarella cheese, hot pepper and salami, served with a spicy tomato sauce.”

  • Appearance: (8) Yet another in our occasional series, “These don’t look very much like nachos at all.”  But boy did they look tempting…
  • Quality of Ingredients: (8) The crisp flatbread “chips”, dusted with parmesan, were quite tasty. We equally enjoyed the house-pickled peppers and the salami slices.  There was disagreement over whether the tomato sauce was accurately billed as “spicy”, as half of us found it rather bland.  In the end, all of the ingredients were on par with what you would find on a well-made pizza…just in different forms.
  • Distribution of Toppings: (7) While the presentation was visually appealing, it led to the cheese running to the end of all the chips. There was also a layer of a few chips underneath it all that had no cheese whatsoever.  The chips were so tasty on their own though, that we didn’t mind all that much, and they were perfect for scooping up the marinara sauce. Overall, the moderate cheese coating and sauce on the side led to an overall drier nacho experience than we typically prefer.
  • Price: (9) At $8 these were very reasonably priced for their quality, and split between two people, a good half of a meal.
  • Overall: 32/40.  These nachos are the best “authentic” Italian nachos we have encountered in Boston (so, better than Anchovies).  We recommend making a trip, but if you are going to partake bring some friends and make sure you leave room for their excellent pizza!


Chomp-Cheering Like a Champ: A Patroller’s Guide to Multi-Tasking

25 May

Oh, Boston. We may not have the tallest buildings. We may not have the nicest weather. We may not have the lowest crime ratings or highest income per capita or, hell, even the best nachos. But it cannot be contested that Boston has the best sports scene in the country. Besides our teams across the board being phenomenal (except maybe the Revolution, but who watches soccer?), Boston fans cheer the loudest (Irish alcoholism pays off) all year ’round.

Particularly when it comes to playoffs, it’s crucial that a Patroller be prepared to chant and cheer without dropping her cheesy plunder. So, for your edification and amusement, here are some tips for hanging on to your nachos at TD Bank Garden:

1) Replace stomps with chomps. Example: “DE-FENCE!” *Stomp*Stomp* becomes “DE-FENCE!” *Chomp*Chomp*. Note that your cheering may get a little muddled–whoever thought up this chant did not provide a flexible time to swallow between cheers.

2) Combine your cheese and salsa into one of the two compartments. Not only is this much more convenient for dipping, but you also free up a spot for your beer!

3) Unless you’re looking for comical banana-peel moments, don’t drop the extra jalapenos on the ground in front of you. Trust us.

As for the nachos themselves, they’re about what you can expect from stadium fast-food. If you’re looking for culinary uniqueness with complex spices and mastermind cooking techniques, may we recommend the sausage cart?

  • Appearance: (3) It must have taken a lot of food coloring to get the “salsa” that red.
  • Quality of Ingredients: (3) The cheese sauce was surprisingly spicy! Besides that delightful goody, though, the chips were straight out of a bag, the salsa was flavorless, and the jalapenos were soggy.
  • Distribution of Toppings: (1) Distro-whaaa?
  • Price: (5) Not that they’re worth it, but at $6.50 they’re probably the cheapest nachos you’ll find downtown 😉
  • Overall: 10/40. Yes, the numbers add up to 12, but think of the sheer potential TD Bank Garden has to come up with creative ‘chos. The salsa is practically Gatorade anyway, can’t they at least make it green? Offer them in a box shaped like a basketball field with salsa and cheese dip where the hoops are? Give us some round chips with a basketball pattern etched on with pepper?!? ANYTHING? For lack of imagination, we’re penalizing TD Bank Garden 2 points.

This review in no way reflects upon the Celtics, who, after finishing off the Magic in Orlando in front of their demoralized fans, will undoubtedly sweep Phoenix (or possibly LA) to bring the Conference Championships title home to Boston for the 18th time. GO CELTICS!

May The Four’s Be With You

9 Feb

Notice: This “specialty nacho” Patrol has been submitted by Smash, with reluctant permission by the Nacho Patrol gods, on the condition that she keep it short and sweet.

The Four’s–in Downtown Boston, very close to North Station/T.D. Banknorth–DOES offer your run-of-the-mill Nachos Grande. I vow that someday I shall drag my fellow Patrollers with me and buy them more Nachos Grandes than even we can stuff into our big mouths. And I shall do this as compensation for NOT reviewing those nachos. Not today. Today, I must review The Four’s OTHER “nacho,” if you will, the “nacho” which distracted me from my Nacho Patrol duty. This is the Patrol of The Four’s Buffalo Chicken “Nachos.”


  • Appearance: Very colorful if you’re into fall, but without guac or, well, any organic ingredients for that matter, we’re working from a limited palette. But the substance, whiteness of chicken meat, and quantity make these “nachos” eye-candy.
  • Quality of toppings: Choice meat, crisp and salty chips, and of course excellent mozzarella cheese and buffalo sauce.
  • Distribution: mozzarella was clearly melted from fresh deli-style balls directly down to the chips, making for huge, perfect pockets of cheese everywhere. The buffalo sauce was slightly overdone and inescapable.
  • Price: At $10, I wasn’t complaining, and there was much more than enough to satisfy me and my 6’1″ companion, to the point that we had to take most of it home.
  • Overall: AMAZING. I cannot give these “nachos” an official numerical rating, as they are outside the bounds of acceptability for our criteria. I only venture to inform our readers that this is a damn good chip.