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Sevens Ale House: More Like a Two

11 Apr

Yes fans, it’s that time again, where we scream into an iPhone over loud drunks in a bar.  Without further ado, I present to you the second annual (poor quality) Audio Nacho Patrol!

Yes, let’s just say that these weren’t the best nachos in the world.  Did you catch that ominous, blood-red chili??

  • Appearance: (4) Where’s the yellow tape?  Little variation in color + unnervingly sanguine chili left us cold from the get-go.
  • Quality of Ingredients: (4) The good: Cheese.  It was well melted and not too skimpy.  The bad: Chips.  We were divided on their quality, but all acknowledge they weren’t the greatest.  The ugly: Chili.  Reminiscent of warm salsa with some ground beef mixed in, this was like no chili we had tasted before, and thank god for that.
  • Distribution: (5) The chili was goopy, and the cheese well-melted, which provided decent coverage.  Still, we were left with significant naked chips at the bottom. We shudder to think what these nachos would have been like without the optional chili.
  • Price: (6) Not worth the $9.50. We’re giving them their true dollar value.
  • Overall: 21. Not a winner.  Thankfully, this trip was sandwiched between Clink and the W Hotel, so it was easy to forget…

James’s Gate: Let Us In!

26 Mar

On a dark, rainy night, there’s nothing quite like a roaring fire to make you feel all warm and cozy. Unfortunately, Nacho Patrol World Headquarters lacks a fireplace and is so much of a tinderbox that we try to avoid open flames of any kind. Enter James’s Gate in Jamaica Plain to warm our pyrotechnic cockles with their open fireplace (Pro tip: the benches against the back vibrate quite forcefully when the dishwasher is running, in case you want any of your other cockles warmed,  ifyaknowwhatimean…)  They also charmed our nacho-loving hearts with their nachos with chicken:

Hey, we actually brought a real camera this time!! Don’t you just love this ooey-gooey closeup??

  • Appearance: ( 8 )Very visible cheese oozing out the sides, flying the colors of the Mexican flag on top.  Still, the nachos themselves were a little wan due to lack of chili.  The few black beans that dotted the cheese were merely a garnish.
  • Quality of Ingredients: ( 7 ) The chips were house-made, thin and crunchy, but a little on the greasy side and lacking in salt.  The cheese was delicious and perfectly melted.  While a little on the dry side, the chicken did have a nice smoky flavor.  The biggest kudos went to the guacamole, which was chunky, fresh and scrumptious.
  • Distribution of Toppings: ( 6 ) The guacamole and salsa were appreciated on top, but the sour cream just got in the way, smothering the more delicate flavors and generally being a big, white, wet blanket.  While there was a lot of cheese and it was well-melted, there were still a lot of naked chips.  We normally eat nachos with chili, and for good reason; it’s viscosity really helps make proper distribution a breeze.  If you’re only offering chicken or steak, you need to go above and beyond with the distribution of the other ingredients, and here these fell short.
  • Price: ( 6 )At $12 with chicken, these are a little high for both the quality and the neighborhood.
  • Overall: 27. The potential is there, but they need a bit of work. (Note: our reviewers were split on the overall quality of these nachos, so this review is from the negative side.)

Chunky’s Cinema Pub in Nashua, NH: Lights, Camera, Nachos!

16 Dec

Despite the narrow subject matter of this blog, the ladies of Nacho Patrol have a wide variety of divergent interests.  And when as many of those interests (sports, African politics, Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon’s rear end) collide in an orgy of awesomeness as they do in Invictus, we jump at the chance to combine them with our first, true love.  Enter Chunky’s Cinema Pub in Nashua, NH, a mecca for those who like to combine the holy trinity of drinking beer, eating nachos, and watching movies.  From the comfort of your leather easy chair, you hit a table-top light to attract your server and order off of their expansive, movie-themed menu, and then have the food delivered to your table.  Sounds like heaven, right?  Well, let’s save that judgment for the Mission Impossible Nachos:

  • Appearance: (7) The movie had started by the time these babies arrived and we had to wait until the photo review.  Verdict: pretty OK, but not as vibrant and gooey as they could have been.  Our spirits dropped a little at the sight of the dreaded lettuce.
  • Quality of Ingredients:  (7) The chili had some of the largest chunks of ground meat we had ever seen! At one point, we came across one that was easily 1/4 the size of a standard hamburger.  It was almost too much of a good thing!  The chips were standard, pretty tasty.  The cheese was good but got cold fast… although we have to admit, we weren’t paying strict attention to the nachos once Matt Damon’s glutes were ten feet tall on the screen in front of us.
  • Distribution of Toppings: (7) Placing the sour cream and salsa in such tiny containers made them nearly impossible to access.  The aforementioned hardening of the cheese made it difficult to extract chips full of toppings, leaving us with lonely bits of chili and cheese.  Forks, and the chunky chili, helped us to solve this conundrum, and overall it was not a huge drawback…
  • Price: (9) Well, let’s do some math…$9.29 for the nachos, but if you count the $2 we saved on the movie ticket compared to Boston prices, and the fact that a large pitcher of Sam Seasonal was only $11.50…pretty damn cheap!
  • Overall: 30.  A solid nacho, but not the main attraction here.  Chunky’s is definitely worth the drive, especially if one makes a pit stop at the NH State Liquor Store…