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Happy Cinco De Mayo!

5 May

Yes, we know it is a bastardized American version of a holiday barely celebrated in Mexico, used mainly as an excuse to get people to drink things (copious tequila shots, Corona) that they would normally have the good sense to avoid.  But, much like the nachos to which we dedicate our lives, Cinco de Mayo provides an excellent reason to get together with some of our favorite people so tonight, we will be sporting our moustaches with pride, until they get so sodden with Cholula and Cuervo Gold margaritas, rocks, no salt, that they will no longer stick to our faces. 

Much nacho love,

Skyler, Andi and Smash

Merry Christmas from Nacho Patrol!

25 Dec

From everyone at NachoPatrol.com, we’d like to wish you a safe and merry holiday season! May your chips be crunchy, your cheese fully melted, your salsa fresh, and your chili perfectly seasoned! With your continued readership, we hope to make 2010 the cheesiest year the world has ever known!

– Santa’s Blessings,

Nacho Patrol (Skyler, Andi, Ann Marie, Smash, Shanti, Harrison, and our many trappings)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

5 May

May your chips be crisp, your cheese melty, and your guacamole perfectly seasoned.