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Olde Magoun’s Saloon: Codger Patrol

16 Feb

Though Nacho Patrol is comprised of a few fabulous twenty-somethings, we’re nothing if not 80 year old men at heart. Which is exactly why we love Olde Magoun’s Saloon, a cozy bar located off the beaten path in Somerville. Great draught lists, Irish people, and a guacamole for the ages. Heading out for an early dinner (we like to be in bed by 10pm), Skyler, Andi, and car-driving correspondent Angela enjoyed the nachos with chili and guacamole.


  • Appearance: (8 ) No, they weren’t pretty, but damn did they look appetizing! Multi-color chips, scrumptious-looking chili, vibrant green onions, and a waterfall of guacamole (which is exactly how guac should always look).
  • Quality of ingredients: (7) We really can’t rave enough about the guacamole–big chunks of avocado bathed in the perfect quantity of lemon and tomato. Just a little bit of spice. Yummy! It went quite well with the chili (you can buy it by the bowl as well–Wicked Magoun’s Chili), which was more like a spicy stew given the melee of meat–“loaded with steak, hamburg, kielbasa & sausage.” Nom nom nom. The biggest problem has to be the staleness of the chips. Tasteless and barely crispy and crunchy, they undermined the entire nacho experience.
  • Distribution: (8 ) Nothing to complain about here.  Just perhaps a little more cheese?
  • Price: (7) $10.50, with guacamole.  It took three hungry girls to wrestle it to the ground.
  • Overall: 30/40.  These nachos had so much going for them, but the stale chips put a kibosh on the whole plate.  We love this place and we might come back, but we won’t be getting the nachos again.