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A Very Important Day…

30 Apr

The goal of Nachopalooza is simple: create and consume as many plates of nachos in a three hour period as possible while keeping the number of cheese fires to a minimum. Check back tomorrow night starting at 6pm as we live blog the entire event!

A How To: Throwing the Banginest Nacho Party of All Time

22 Mar


When Nacho Patrol said that they would be live blogging the 1st Annual Spring Break themed Nachopalooza, we meant that we would write about it ten years later. Due to an unfortunate incident involving Comcast high speed internet, approximately 60 jello shots, and a newly-breasted Indiana Jones, we were unable to keep our loyal fans updated. Don’t worry though–here are the highlights, the lowlights, and a complete list of instructions for having your own nacho-worshiping event.


  • A varied selection of cheeses: approximately 6 bags kept 12 people fully cheesy, with some to spare
  • 3 lbs of tortilla chips, though this was barely enough
  • Crock-o-chili: ours served 8-10, but perhaps we overdid it a little (Nacho Patrol passed out before having the opportunity to put it in the fridge, and the licensed food handlers in the group deemed it unsafe in the morning)
  • A jar of jalapenos: for those with stronger palates than ours.
  • A jar of salsa: As much as we complain about store bought salsa at restaurants, we are too lazy to make our own.
  • A pint of sour cream
  • A can of refried beans for our vegetarian friends
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Diced green onion: unnecessary, you may say, but delightfully delicious
  • Black olives: obviously
  • Handmade guacamole in massive quantities.

Nacho Patrol had nacho production down to a science. The broiler was preheated, baking sheets were lined up, the aluminum foil was unfurled. The results…were varied.

Cherrie and Julia went the simple route, combining forces to make a large sheet of cheese-only nachos.


Rosannah made nachos that were probably pretty good, but she ate them before we were able to take a picture.


A’Nova was extremely coy, and refused to show us her creation, although in all likelihood it was the best of the night and she just didn’t want to show off.

What you don't know can't embarass you
What you don’t know can’t embarass you

Laura’s nachos had all the makings of a classic…


…while Andi loaded hers up with color.

Brighter than thou
Brighter than thou

Ann Marie was dressed for the occasion and made a seriously meat-laden plate of nachos.

More ground beef than your body has room for
More ground beef than your body has room for

Skyler went heavy on the cheese and light on the salsa.


Angela came late to the party and was forced to scrounge amongst the leftovers.

Please sir, I want some more!
Please sir, I want some more!

A number of other guests/Nacho Patrollers created nachos of note, but we kinda forgot to keep taking pictures. The reason? This:



From left:

  • Tequila and lime jello
  • Malibu, Absolut New Orleans and white rum with Blackberry Fusion jello
  • Malibu and pineapple jello
  • White rum and coke with raspberry jello
  • White rum and cherry jello

In the end, we chalked up Nachopalooza 2009 as a success!

Nachopalooza ’09: AKA the greatest night of all time!

14 Mar


Stay tuned as Nacho Patrol embarks on its greatest adventure yet: Nachopalooza ’09, hosted by MTV Spring Break!!! Watch as we and our 15 closest friends create our own nacho masterworks with ingredients such as 10-hour crockpot chili, a variety of cheeses, and Skyler’s homemade, east-African conquering guacamole. Check back tomorrow as we live-blog the entire experience!!! As it is Spring Break, also expect at least six varieties of jello shots, flowin’ tequila, and appearences by Carson Daly!!!

The Patrollers! (Btw, they're not bibs, they're super sweet Spanish conquistador collars. And they say "Nacho Patrol" on them in Crayola puffy paint.)

The Patrollers! (Btw, they're not bibs, they're super sweet Spanish conquistador collars. And they say "Nacho Patrol" on them in Crayola puffy paint.)