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Guacaholics R Us

29 Jul

Guacaholics Anonymous: the carnage...

We never thought it would be possible, but eatBoston’s Guacaholics Anonymous event last night just might have cured us of our guacamole addiction. On our way to the Fenway area, we ruminated whether or not it was possible to die from guacamole overdose. After sampling the guac from seven restaurants and ten or so amateurs, and enjoying a “diesel powered” margarita, we can say definitively that guacamole kills.

While Skyler dished up her “East Africa Conquering” guac, Andi had the chance to sample the fare: it’s no surprise that Anna’s Taqueria was our favorite. Located a dangerous three blocks from Nacho Patrol World Headquarters, we’ve had their gauc before and loved the perfectly seasoned, smooth-but-not-gluey consistency they presented last night. La Verdad gave us a pleasantly flavored traditional guac, while Ole beat out Rattlesnake for the title of best fruit guac in the room.

Though the pros gave us a bevy of great “house” guacs, the real innovation last night came from the amateur section. We loved the smokiness of Justin’s Elote inspired guac and our table-mate Molly demonstrated quite the flair for presentation with her “Cowboy Caviar” served on Frito chips. And how could we close without mentioning We Are Not Martha’s bacon guac! What an intriguing (and delicious) idea!

In short, we had a great evening. EatBoston truly knows how to throw a party and we can’t wait to see what green, creamy goodness they whip up for us next year.

Guacaholics A-nom-nom-nom-ymous

27 Jul

In a show of both literary brilliance and absolute truth-telling, eatBoston writes, “Guacamole is amazing.” Given our two years of nacho reviewing experience, we are heartily inclined to agree. That’s why we are pleased to be attending eatBoston’s Guacaholics Anonymous happening tomorrow (July 28th) at Fenway Cantina. All the local Tex-Mex/Real-Mex geniuses will be in attendance including OleZocalo, Poe’s Kitchen, El Pelon, Dorado Tacos and CemitasAnna’s TaqueriaLa Verdad Taqureia, and Fenway Cantina. More importantly, Nacho Patrol will be there showing off our “amateur” guacamole (the stuff Skyler singlehandedly introduced to East Africa). Even more importantly, proceeds from the showcase will go to a number of local charities including Lovin’ SpoonfulsShare our Strength, and Community Servings.

Online tickets are already sold out (we had to beg for ours), but according to eatBoston’s twitter, a limited number of tickets will be available at the door and via twitter contests. Also, they have super sweet t-shirts available here.

Meanwhile, back at Nacho Patrol World Headquarters we’re smooshing our avocados, dicing our jalepenos, and cracking open a case of Cholula in preparations for what promises to be the greatest guacamole of all time!

Charley’s Eating and Drinking Saloon: Rime of the Ancient Westerner

8 Jul

Scenic Newbury Street. Now that summer has descended upon us, we love settling down in one of the fine outdoor restaurant patios that line Boston’s famous shopping district and basking in the cool breeze of car exhaust. Charley’s has been on our sights for years now, and in preparation for relocation to Somerville, we thought it time to close the book on some of our long-standing nacho holdouts. We were impressed by the chic, yet casual atmosphere at Charley’s, and though the drink list was a little pricy, we had no problem finding an appropriate beverage to keep at bay the subtle heat still lingering at sundown.

  • Appearance: (9) Quite colorful and cheesy, with a lovely dab of guacamole on top and a ramekin of salsa on the side.  We couldn’t wait to dig in!
  • Quality of Ingredients: (6.4) In our first bites, we detected a distinct, puzzling flavor in the cheese.  Slightly off, slightly processed…could it be the dreaded American Cheese Menace?? We nibbled and pondered and conferred with our waitress, who assured us that it was actually monterey jack.  If it indeed was, then it was Industrial Monterey Jack Cheese Product #5 (TM), for it left us with a distinct reminiscence for elementary school cafeterias.  Furthermore, the guacamole was INCREDIBLY salty, so much so that it absolutely had to have been a mistake by the chef. Though we loved the chili, tomatoes, green onions, and salsa, we couldn’t get past the burning aura of salty guac which devastated everything it touched.
  • Distribution of Toppings: (8) Though we weren’t wild about the cheese, there was a lot of it, and if there is one universe rule of Nacho Patrolling, it is that lots of cheese somehow makes even the worst cheese better. There was also a healthy (or unhealthy, depending on how you look at it) glob of chili, and a well-proportioned quantity of the fresh stuff (tomatoes and green onions). We would have, however, liked the cheese to have spent a little more time on the chips and slightly less melting to the plate. And the salsa was good enough that it could have been distributed on top rather than relegated to a too-small-for-dipping ramekin.
  • Price: (8) At $9.75 with chili, these are a solid investment in your fat rolls. May we recommend the sangria as a pleasant refreshment to counteract the salt lick guac.
  • Overall: 31.4/40