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Nacho Patrol’s Walk (Amble) For Hunger

29 Apr

A wise friend of ours once (poorly) paraphrased T.S. Elliot saying, “to eat a plate of nachos is the ultimate gluttony, especially the ones at Pour House.” He couldn’t have been more right.

We here at Nacho Patrol know a lot about gluttony. In our two and half years of life, we’ve soulfully consumed over 100 different types of nachos. Horrifying, we know. This weekend, we hope to do out part to fight hunger throughout Boston (and maybe burn off a few of those nachos) by doing the Walk For Hunger, and we would love your support. Think of it as our “gluttony offset”–like a carbon offset, but much less worldly. The 20 mile walk supports an incredible program called Project Bread, which works to provide healthy foods to families in need and to stock emergency food pantries throughout Boston.

If you’d like to support us (parents, we’re looking at you), please visit www.projectbread.org/goto/baker and click on “Make A Gift.” No proceeds will go to nachos. For the rest of you, check back Sunday for Twitter/blister updates!