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Los Locos: You’d be crazy to go for the nachos.

8 Mar

It’s your Ye Olde Foreign Correspondent in London, back from a long hiatus! Unfortunately, it was not worth the wait…

Los Locos is a quintiessential dive.  The bar/club is in a basement near Covent Garden—and fittingly, because the light of day is really not welcome there… What is welcome are the 99 pence tequila shots, cheap pitchers, decent food, lack of a cover charge, and the dance floor.  The slogan on the waiters’ t-shirts reads “no one is ugly after 2am.”  There is certainly good empirical evidence for alcohol as a mediating variable for hotness. This mediation affect probably applies to food in some cases. But not these nachos.

•    Appearance: (7/10) At first glance, there were good portions of salsa, sour cream and guacamole. And the cheese was actually melted! (That’s a big step forward from my last  British nachos experience…) I thought they forgot the chicken because it was all buried. And later, I wished they had forgotten to put on the chicken…

imgp2345•    Quality of Ingredients: (3/10) Overall poor, with one bright spot being the guacamole. It had decent flavor and appeared to be fresh.  This could not compensation for stale chips and watery beans. Or the the chicken akin to water-diluted lunch meat. I abandoned these nachos rather quickly, and let the boys finish them…

•    Distribution of Toppings: (7/10) The chips to toppings ratio was adequate.  The cheese was spread out well, but it was not melted in some places.  The chips did not get soggy, but that was probably because they were stale to begin with.

•    Price: (3/10) In general, Los Locos is a great deal. It offers half-price meals on weeknights. (As long as you have a 6-inch separation between tables. Will chalk that one up to “yet another bizzare British thing…” or incompetent and confused management staff.) However, nachos are NOT included, so this sorry nacho experience cost me about £11. And even with the pound’s recent plight, that’s high.

•    Overall: (20/40)

Go to Los Locos for the 99 pence shots. Go for the music. (The DJ actually took several requests!)  Go to embarrass yourself on the dance floor.  (Photos censored…) But just don’t go for the nachos.

Common Ground: Pass the Salt, Please!

9 Jan

January 1,2009. Time: 7pm. Location: The Common Ground, Allston, MA. Status: Varying degrees of hungover. While we normally only show up here for an occasional 90’s Night, this time Nacho Patrol braved the bitter cold to indulge in bloody marys, New Years Eve party stories, and the Nachos Grande.


  • Appearance: Highly-stacked chips with a less-than-ample coat of cheese. Tomatoes and green onions added a nice splash of color. Salsa and sour cream in a cute little boat on the side. A little guacamole could have helped, but none was available (7).
  • Quality of toppings: The chips were standard and store-bought; the cheese, average. Everything, on this entire nacho plate, was nearly devoid of salt. No salt on the chips, unusually bland salsa…we were not happy. We at Nacho Patrol LOVE salt (and as a result, our cumulative blood pressure is probably higher than Dow Jones). Perhaps with one undersalted ingredient, this plate could have been salvaged; but with nothing to pick up the slack it was overwhelmingly bland. After a few bites we flagged down our waitress and asked for a side of chili in hope of a hail mary. We poured it on top and hoped for the best, but unfortunately, all was lost, as even the chili was bland…(4)
  • Distribution of toppings: The plate was a little small, and there wasn’t enough cheese. Pouring the chili on top helped a little, but not nearly enough. (6)
  • Price: $7.50 overall with the chili for a sizeable plate of nachos is not too bad (7).
  • Overall: 24/40. Not very pleasant or filling. We might be amenable to trying some of the Common Ground’s other food, but in the future we will stay away from the Nachos.

2009, you are off to a rough start. Let us hope that the rest of the year holds many happy experiences, and better nachos.