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Longwood Grille + Bar: Food Courtin’

17 Jan

Lunchtime nachos are a tricky business.  Can you get in, get great nachos and get out in under an hour?  And really, are nachos as good when you can’t get a frosty beer alongside?  Investigating the situation, one Nacho Patroller met up with the whizzes behind Boston Food Bloggers, Cheap Beets and Justin Can Cook, fellow Longwood denizens, at the Longwood Grille + Bar.  If you’ve ever wondered what your college dining hall would have been like with waiters, then this is the place for you.  If you haven’t, or if you have any objections to food courts or the spelling of “grille”, then maybe you should stay away.

  • Appearance: (6) Colorfully composed, though  startling number of naked chips were apparent right from the get-go.
  • Quality of Ingredients: (4)  Just about everything here was a little…off.  The chili was oddly sweet, something was amiss with the salsa, and the guacamole had been made with avocados that were clearly past their prime.  The homemade chips, however, were delicious.
  • Distribution of Toppings: (4) First impressions don’t lie: there were a lot of naked chips and unfortunately, none of the toppings were all that worth scooping up.  The chili, where it rested, also tended to soggify the chips below.
  • Price: (4.5) Overpriced for what they were at $9.
  • Overall: 18.5/40. When four people don’t finish a small-to-medium sized plate of nachos, that’s an indication that they aren’t all that good. If you want nachos in Longwood, skip the food court and head to Brigham Circle; that’s where we’re headed next.

The Corrib Pub in Brookline: Patrollin’ Oldies

22 Jul

Now that we’ve safely surpassed our 100th review, we feel we’re finally fit to tackle Corrib Pub. Located just down the street from us, we had long written the Corrib off as the type of place our grandpas would frequent.  Indeed, the beer and food were cheap, the taps shiny and copper, and the average clientele far past retirement age.   Needless to say, we love us some old-school dives and  were excited to learn first that they a) had nachos and b) that they’re $7. As a side note, they also have our favorite motto of any restaurant we’ve visited (“It’s like home, but with more taps”).

  • Appearance: (7.5) Colorful, but lacking the depth provided by yellow saturated chips and cheese. Something about it reminded us of a child’s crayon drawing: there’s a lot going on, but it seems unfinished and sophomoric (okay, a sophomore with a solid 3.8 GPA).
  • Quality of the toppings: (6) While we were impressed with the fresh ingredients (the tomatoes and onions in particular), the rest of the toppings left something to be desired. The overabundance of jarred salsa made it difficult to pick out other flavors, while the cheese was sticky and flavorless and the chips were a tad too salty. The chili tasted distinctly like taco seasoning (some of us liked it) and there was lettuce. To discuss our dislike of lettuce on nachos seems like beating a dead horse and we will instead refer to our friends at NachosNY for a full diatribe.
  • Distribution of the toppings: (6.5) Something is seriously wrong with the Corrib’s cheese. Melting into a near solid on the peripheral chips, the innards of these nachos were sadly naked. There wasn’t enough of either the chili or the cheese, and the seas of salsa drown out the remaining ingredients. Sour cream was on the side, which was just fine with us.
  • Price: (8.5) If the quality and distribution of the toppings brought the overall score down down, the price has to pull the whole plate back into the competition. $6.75 for a plate of nachos? Who cares how good they are–cheap prevails any day of the week.
  • Overall: 28.5/40.  Kinda of like the Narragansett of Boston nachos: cheap, local, old school, not that great, but will suffice in a pinch.

Moving Day

22 Jul

As our loyal fans know, Nacho Patrol World Headquarters is on the move. After two years slumming it in Brookline, we’re packing up the corn chips, sweeping away the old cheese, cleaning out the chili crock pot, and making our way across the river to the scenic Somerville/Cambridge border. What our new home lacks in yard space, it makes up for in pure colonial charm, and we cannot wait to see how it fairs during the first of many Nachopalooza events (block party?), tentatively planned for September 2010.

Though we are in no way shutting the door on our current neighborhood, we’re hoping over the next few weeks to visit a few of those restaurants we’ve unforgivably neglected, and we need your help to make sure we’re not missing anyone. As mentioned on our Master Nacho List, here are the places we’re already planning to hit up:

  • Game On! (Fenway) – coming very soon
  • Harry’s Bar and Grill (Allston/Brighton) – Re-Review
  • Porter Belly’s (Brighton)
  • Corrib Pub (Brighton) – coming very very soon
  • 973 Commonwealth (BU)
  • Center St. Cafe (JP)

And that’s where you come in…While we may consider ourselves experts of Boston geography, we have a few blind spots when it comes to the southern neighborhoods. If you’ve got any noteworthy nacho noshing spots you want us to review before we make our way north, please get in touch with us via Twitter, Facebook, a comment below, or at our email (nachopatrol@gmail.com).

We welcome all suggestions, especially outlandish ones.