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Sevens Ale House: More Like a Two

11 Apr

Yes fans, it’s that time again, where we scream into an iPhone over loud drunks in a bar.  Without further ado, I present to you the second annual (poor quality) Audio Nacho Patrol!

Yes, let’s just say that these weren’t the best nachos in the world.  Did you catch that ominous, blood-red chili??

  • Appearance: (4) Where’s the yellow tape?  Little variation in color + unnervingly sanguine chili left us cold from the get-go.
  • Quality of Ingredients: (4) The good: Cheese.  It was well melted and not too skimpy.  The bad: Chips.  We were divided on their quality, but all acknowledge they weren’t the greatest.  The ugly: Chili.  Reminiscent of warm salsa with some ground beef mixed in, this was like no chili we had tasted before, and thank god for that.
  • Distribution: (5) The chili was goopy, and the cheese well-melted, which provided decent coverage.  Still, we were left with significant naked chips at the bottom. We shudder to think what these nachos would have been like without the optional chili.
  • Price: (6) Not worth the $9.50. We’re giving them their true dollar value.
  • Overall: 21. Not a winner.  Thankfully, this trip was sandwiched between Clink and the W Hotel, so it was easy to forget…