Bukowski’s: Nachtotum

1 Feb

If Charles Bukowski was “the laureate of the American lowlife,” then his eponymous bar in Iman Square could be described as “the drinking establishment of the Bostonian fauxlife.”  Lack of a website, a menu full of obscure beers, a beer club that culminates in a mug etched with the name of your favorite dead author, and tight pants, tattoos and flannel as far as the eye can see all contribute to a certain unmistakable hipster aesthetic. Were the nachos also too cool for school?

  • Appearance: (8) How colorful! The artfully drizzled sour cream was also lovely.  Still, naked chips loomed underneath…
  • Quality of Ingredients: (8) The pulled pork was delicious and sauce-heavy, but it clashed somewhat with the salsa and other ingredients (we’ve had this problem before with BBQ on nachos). Black beans were a nice addition, and we remain undecided as to whether the chips were homemade.  We did appreciate the lime-tinged sour cream, a step up from the usual.
  • Distribution of Toppings: (6) These were top-heavy with a lot going on, but an exploratory examination showed profound naked chips under the initial layer of toppings.  We did find an unexpected second layer of cheese in the middle, but by the time we reached it it had already congealed. These nachos ascribed to the “trickle-down” theory of distribution, and in the end the naked chips weren’t so naked as the top ingredients eventually made it down to the lower chips as we ate.
  • Price: (3) $12 for basic nachos, $14 if you want pulled pork, chicken or vegan chili, and a whopping $3 if you want to add guacamole adds up to…a $17 nacho? Egads!  For that price, we’re expecting a behemoth that would put Sunset and Game On to shame, or at least some fancy ingredients
  • Overall: 25/40.  A good effort, but not up there with the big guns.  However, we highly recommend the $7.50 hotdog and PBR combo…

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