Lunch Time Nachos

1 Dec

As evidenced by our sad shortage of updates and our disrespectfully sporadic Twitter feed, we here at actually have jobs. How the rest of the blogging world manages to work full-time and still have time to write and promote their work is still a mystery to us. The best we can do is dump turkey on fancy chips, eat it, and then pass out on the couch. But just because don’t have time to review nachos, doesn’t mean we don’t want them…

That’s why we’re starting a new “Lunchoble” (Lunch+Nachos+Edible) series, focusing on all the nachos one can purchase, eat, and regret in under 45 minutes. To distinguish these reviews from our regular behemoths, we’re going to rate on looks (are they pretty or cobbled together?), structural integrity (can you take them to go and are they the right size for a lunch appetite?), deliciousness (do they sate your burning need for ‘chos?), and lunchability (are they, like us, cheap and easy?). Scores will be out of 20, with 5 total points awarded in each category.

Our first reviews will favor Boston’s Theatre District. If you work down here, you know just how dismal the Mexican food situation actually is (though we haven’t yet given up on finding nachos in China Town). Hopefully amidst all those cemeteries and college students who don’t understand sidewalks, we’ll strike gold.

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