The Friendly Toast: Not So Friendly Nachos

18 Sep

While we like the Friendly Toast, we feel that we would be remiss to not include a disclaimer: think twice about coming here if you are easily overwhelmed or distracted by lots of external stimuli.  The cluttered, kitschy atmosphere is like an episode of A&E’s Hoarders gone almost but not exactly right– an explosion of vintage toys, tchotkches, doo-dads, thinga-a-ma-jigs, posters, sugar bowls, creepy dolls, and anything else one could imagine.  And…this guy, Burger Boy, who with his mustache and sombrero incidentally looks a lot like he belongs in Nacho Patrol:

The nachos were described as “a huge pile of fresh tortilla chips,  jalapeno-jack and cheddar, black olives, cuban beans, salsa, scallions, our avocado-lime sauce and sour cream.”  Were they as much of a sensory overload as their environment? See below:

  • Appearance: (8)  Nice colors, a great contrast to the green plate, with very solid-looking chips.  The “avocado-lime sauce” looked suspiciously like…guacamole, but we kept our minds open.
  • Quality of Ingredients: (5) The chips were indeed delicious and hearty.  The avocado-lime sauce did indeed taste like guacamole, and good guac at that.  Our opinion of the quality takes a nosedive here though, as there was a strange, off-putting, almost metallic taste in either the beans or the salsa.  It tainted the whole plate and our enjoyment of it.
  • Distribution of Toppings: (6) Not the best. Despite the blanket of toppings on top, a fair number of naked chips underneath and the cheese did not do the best job of sticking to them.
  • Price: (5) At $10.75, we found those to be overpriced.
  • Overall: 24/40.  Boring nachos from a not-at-all boring place.  But we are very excited to come back to try their breakfast nachos!

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