Guacaholics A-nom-nom-nom-ymous

27 Jul

In a show of both literary brilliance and absolute truth-telling, eatBoston writes, “Guacamole is amazing.” Given our two years of nacho reviewing experience, we are heartily inclined to agree. That’s why we are pleased to be attending eatBoston’s Guacaholics Anonymous happening tomorrow (July 28th) at Fenway Cantina. All the local Tex-Mex/Real-Mex geniuses will be in attendance including OleZocalo, Poe’s Kitchen, El Pelon, Dorado Tacos and CemitasAnna’s TaqueriaLa Verdad Taqureia, and Fenway Cantina. More importantly, Nacho Patrol will be there showing off our “amateur” guacamole (the stuff Skyler singlehandedly introduced to East Africa). Even more importantly, proceeds from the showcase will go to a number of local charities including Lovin’ SpoonfulsShare our Strength, and Community Servings.

Online tickets are already sold out (we had to beg for ours), but according to eatBoston’s twitter, a limited number of tickets will be available at the door and via twitter contests. Also, they have super sweet t-shirts available here.

Meanwhile, back at Nacho Patrol World Headquarters we’re smooshing our avocados, dicing our jalepenos, and cracking open a case of Cholula in preparations for what promises to be the greatest guacamole of all time!

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