Not Your Average ‘Chos

25 May

Not Your Average Joe’s in Medford claims they’ll make your noms the way you want and with the ingredients you want. We put this claim to the test in this week’s Fantasy Nacho installment.

Not Your Average Joe’s specializes in taking not-so-special dishes and giving them a delicious twist. Take, as examples, their cranberry-teriyaki chicken and their chipotle chicken salad with wontons and pecans. So when we explained to the waitress that we wanted some off-menu nachos, she was eager to help. “Do you want guacamole? Lettuce? Sour cream? Salsa?…” We decided to let the chefs choose.

The result was very much what you’d expect from NYAJ’s. There were surprising ingredients, but like their menu, nothing was haphazard. In addition to some of the regulars (cheese, tons of guacamole, fresh tomatoes), the chefs topped off the blue-corn tortilla chips with a spicy chipotle sour cream, some roasted peppers, and caramelized onions.

These ‘chos are beautiful, colorful, mounted with fresh, DELICIOUS guacamole. The chips are salty, the chicken is moist, the peppers and onions give the dish just the right amount of twist to make them stand out without offending the senses. It’s a shame these aren’t a regular menu item, because they have all the makings of earning a great Nacho Patrol rating. Thanks for playing, NYAJ’s! 🙂

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