Breenbriar: The Great Sour Cream Flood of 2010; or, There and Back Again, A Brighton Nacho’s Tale

21 May

On a dark and stormy evening, three weary travelers made their way to the hamlet of Brighton Center, an as-of-yet undiscovered nacho destination.  Their travels had been long and dangerous, including U-turns on North Beacon St., attempting to navigate with an iPhone and accidentally parking in a police station.  Eager to rest and share the stories of their adventures (0ver margaritas), they settled into the local inn, Greenbriar.  There, much merriment was had, but it had little to do with the nachos.

  • Appearance: (6) At first glance we thought that it was swamped in melted cheese, but that excitement turned to dismay when we realized that it was a large glob of sour cream, our arch-nemesis. Plenty of green, though incidentally, none of it was guacamole.  In general, nachos with chicken instead of chili tend to lack some punch in the color department, and these were no exception.  Even tri-colored chips would have helped.
  • Quality of Ingredients: (6) Opinions were divided on the chicken, some finding it moist and juicy and others bone dry.  We came to the conclusion that it must have been from two different batches, because it did vary wildly in consistency.  Overall though, it was flavorful and spicy.  The salsa was more spiced than fresh, but we still enjoyed it. The cheese, when found, was quite tasty even when not entirely melted.
  • Distribution of Toppings: (5) Whatever good intentions the chef had with these nachos, they were ruined by the veritable blanket of sour cream on top.  We’ve gone on about our loathing for our least favorite nacho ingredient before (or rather our second least favorite, after the dreaded iceberg lettuce), but this was out of control.  We scraped, spooned, and even peeled off cheese in order to rid ourselves of this menace, but to little avail.  One bad apple may spoil the barrel, but not all distribution decisions have the power to ruin a plate of nachos; this one did.
  • Price: (7) Average, average, average at $10.
  • Overall: 24/40.  Every once in a while, we stop to wonder why we do what we do.  Why do we subject ourselves to nachos that we don’t even like, when we know we could do better?  Requesting sour cream on the side could have saved many a plate of nachos, but somehow we just can’t bring ourselves to do it.  We aim to review nachos for what they are, as the kitchen intended, in the hopes that no one makes that same mistake.  Nacho Patrol: We eat bad nachos so you don’t have to.

Having found little comfort in their nachos, they continued on their journey…

One Response to “Breenbriar: The Great Sour Cream Flood of 2010; or, There and Back Again, A Brighton Nacho’s Tale”

  1. Smasharita May 22, 2010 at 12:05 am #

    *Insert inappropriate joke about getting creamed here.*

    Written on my iPhone… from a Brighton municipal holding cell.

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