Nachos To-Go: Mystery Solved!

15 Apr

Ah, the age-old problem. It’s Thursday night, 9pm. You’re wandering alone in Kenmore Square, dodging cars on one side and panhandlers on the other. You’re hungry, but not for any old snack. You want something crispy and spicy, drenched in cheese and oozing with pinto beans. A quiet Qdoba stands to your right. The chicken nachos call out to you, their sweet embrace dancing in a whisper on the wind. You have your hand on the door, but wait! A problem! You don’t want to dine in the restaurant–you didn’t bring a book and you don’t want to seem so lonesome. But your home, your own Nacho Patrol World Headquarters, is some twenty minutes away. By the time you get your nachos home, the chips will be soggy, the queso cold, the shredded cheese oily and congealed.

Qdoba, however, understands your pain. Which is why they now separate the chips from the toppings when you choose to take away. Here’s what Nacho Patrol found in the bag once they made it home:

A bag of chips

A bag of chips


A bowl of goopy toppings



We’re pretty sure this is going to revolutionize not only the way that we eat food at home, but more centrally, how our generation, and countless generations to come, will be able to get out of bed in the morning and face the day. The time for suffering has ended, my friends, the coffin to the soggy chip closed and nailed shut. Grab a Corona and a bottle of Tums–it’s time to Rejoice!

One Response to “Nachos To-Go: Mystery Solved!”

  1. eyeoftheisland April 16, 2010 at 10:26 am #

    FINALLY. I’ve been telling you to give the props I know you have to the nachos of the Q. Viva los DIY nachos! Viva nachopatrol! Viva Desmond David Hume!

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