Fenway Cantina: Watching the Paint Dry

13 Feb

Fenway Cantina had been open for business for approximately 45 minutes by the time Nacho Patrol strolled in to nosh some newbie nachos. Some might say we’re a little trigger happy, but the prospect of sampling yet another Fenway/Boylston area Tex-Mex joint could not be passed by. Sure, it smelled a little bit like paint and a few things on the menu weren’t yet available, but for the most part we were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. The liquor selection also looks promising: a smorgasbord of interesting beers on tap and some delicious-sounding variations on mojitos and margaritas. It needs to be lived in a little, and we probably aren’t going to come back without substantial incentive, but Fenway Cantina has promise: this most definitely applies to the nachos.

  • Appearance: (7) Ooey gooey, but we could already see copious naked chips poking out from the blanket of chili and cheese. Also, a little lacking in green…we don’t know if they had guacamole available, but we could have used some.
  • Quality of Ingredients: (7) The chips, while structurally high-quality, were very unevenly salted, alternately bland and tongue-burning.  The chili was good and meaty, and we especially loved the salsa, which was fresh-made and delicious. The inclusion of black olives won some important bonus points.
  • Distribution of Toppings: (6)  We made ample use of the salsa that came with our free basket of chips, as there was not enough topping to go around.  Cheese was also woefully sparse.
  • Price: (6) $12 with chili…a shame, but par for the course for this area in this day and age.
  • Overall: 26.  We’ll go for the other food on the menu before we try the nachos again.

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