Poe’s Kitchen Nacho Average Monday: Light on the Wild, Heavy on the Boar

21 Jan

It is a rare, yet special day when we discover a kindred spirit in our quest to find the perfect nacho. More often than not, people stare in horror when we tell them we’ve eaten and reviewed some seventy different nachos. As amateur food critics and professional Tex-Mex connoisseurs, we were absolutely overjoyed to discover that someone in Boston–and not just anyone, but an actual chef at a popular restaurant–shared our affinity for the ooey, gooey, draped in protein goodness known as the nacho. Though we haven’t yet had an opportunity to speak with said chef–since he is a man after our own clogged arteries, we suspect he would love to speak with us–we have decided to dabble in low quality podcast-esque media productions, the result of which is included below:

On the table this night: Wild Boar braised in Southern Comfort, coffee beans and jalapeno with poblano blue cheese, winter greens in jalapeno vinaigrette with salsa fresca:

  • Appearance: (9) Compared to a “work of art” when they first graced the table, we loved the elegant heaping and the deep, rich colors.  The white, runny cheese sauce was a little unnerving, however…
  • Quality of Ingredients: (7) While a good idea, nothing was as bursting with flavor as we had expected or would have liked.  The meat was definitely tender and had a deep flavor from the SoCo/coffee, but could have used a touch of salt to really bring out those flavors and counteract the sweetness of the SoCo. Winter greens were decidedly a step up from your average bland lettuce topping, nicely complemented by the vinaigrette.  The cheese sauce was tasty but not particularly inventive.  Our favorite part was probably the salsa fresca, the least creative of the components, but done right.
  • Distribution of Toppings: (7) The cheese sauce was runny enough to coat everything, but the other ingredients were so heavy that they fell off of the chips when you tried to lift them out. Perhaps some real melted cheese would have provided some welcome glue.  In the end, we were left with a soupy, saucy mess…that we still dipped our forks into.
  • Price: We’re not sure of the market price for wild boar, but it must be up there to justify $14 for these nachos.  We won’t be giving them an actual score in this category, because as this is a weekly event and we’d like to be there most weeks, and most nachos will likely cost $14, it’s a bit of a null category.
  • Overall: 23/30.  A decent start, but Brian Poe is really going to need to kick it up a notch in the coming weeks.  While this was a decent nacho, if you had put it in front of us with no explanation, we might have mistaken it for just a normal pulled pork nacho with fancy lettuce.  We want our minds blown, our horizons expanded, our taste buds challenged!

See you next Monday!

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