Chiquito in Leicester Square: The Best Nachos Ever! (Without Cheese)

27 Oct

One of the benefits of having a Nacho Patroller based in London is that when other Nacho Patrollers take vacations to London, they have a like mind to show them around (and occasionally loan them half a bed). Ideally, this would help us to avoid the tourist traps, but unfortunately, if you want anything resembling Mexican food in London, tourist traps are the only way to go. So, we embraced it and made a trip to Chiquito in Leicester Square in order to get a true, authentic London nacho experience.


  • Appearance: (7) Pretty, if not particularly lust-worthy. The entire arrangement, however, was very aesthetically pleasing:


  • Quality of Ingredients: (7) The chili was tasty, if a little sweet. Chips were homemade and deliciously crispy, if a little unsubstantial. Salsa, guacamole and bean mixture were also quite tasty.
  • Distribution of Toppings: (7) If you notice, there was no mention of the cheese above, because frankly, we could barely find any. All of the ingredients were piled on top, turning this into the kind of nacho where one dresses one’s own chip. In this case, it worked pretty well…
  • Price: (6)  9.75 (pounds, people, not dollars). With the exchange rate that’s about $16.
  • Overall: 27.  All things considered, a decent nacho for the British Isles.

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