J. Paul’s in Washington, D.C.: Monumental Nachos

15 May

When a Nacho Patroller takes a vacation, she always make sure to sample the local nacho fare. A recent weekend jaunt to Washington, D.C. was no exception, taking one of us to J. Paul’s in Georgetown. Between various Smithsonians, running into Owen Wilson (!) on the street, a perfect day at Six Flags and copious Yuengling,  it had been quite an exciting, eventful trip, and the nachos continued in that fashion.

  • Appearance:  (7) Bright and colorful, with loads of salsa, sour cream and guacamole on the top.  However, the appearance of lettuce underneath these, and a lack of cheesy/chili-riffic goodness oozing out from the edges cut down on the animal attraction.
  • Quality of Ingredients:  (8) Oh, the chili! It was delightfully chunky, a bit on the spicy side, and studded with kidney beans and some of the largest, juiciest, tastiest chunks of meat that we have ever come across (in nachos, that is…). The chips were homemade but a bit on the stale side, unfortunately.  Delightful guacamole, and a salsa with a very strong chipotle flavor were excellent accoutrements.  Even the (uneccessary) lettuce on the top, which we unanimously abhor, was better than average– thick spears of a very crunchy, dark iceberg.
  • Distribution of Toppings:  (7) The vegetarians in the group had very little luck trying to find a chip that hadn’t touched the chili, a sign of thorough distribution.  However, because of it’s thickness, the lettuce on top created a mat that separated the condiments on the top from the majority of the nachos underneath.  We had to remove a significant amount of lettuce to get to the chips at the middle of the plate.
  • Price: (7) For $10, a delicious meal for two.
  • Overall: 30.  A memorable nacho, but mostly for the chili.  Next time, we’d just get a bowl of it to go with the free hot pretzels.

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