Cambridge Common: Uncommonly Good Nachos

14 Apr

When one lives right on the route of the 66 bus, it is easy to forget that the world of Cambridge does extend beyond Harvard square. Even when Nacho Patrol tries to venture out, we rarely make it past the gravitational pull of Smasharita and her love for the margs at Border Cafe (where they don’t even HAVE nachos!) But, with baby steps, we are venturing out into the unknown. We once made it out to Christopher’s in Porter square, and this time we stayed a little closer to home base at Cambridge Common. No chili was available with the nachos, so we went with the grilled chicken.

  • Appearance: ( 8 ) A scattering of light-colored chips under light-colored cheese, with a sprinkling of tomatoes, scallions and jalapeños on the top for color. Not the brightest or gooeyest, but appealing enough. A big saucer of salsa on the side, along with smaller ones of sour cream and guacamole.
  • Quality of Ingredients: (9) The chips were like nothing Nacho Patrol had ever seen: neither standard white-corn from the bag, nor tri-colored home-fried, but thick, yellow, and flavorful. They were reminiscent of some specialty chips one might buy on a whim while perusing Trader Joes. The salsa was homemade, which is nearly unheard of in our line of work! It was a bit heavy on the cilantro, which could be problematic depending on personal tastes. The cheese was high-quality and while the chicken was on the dry side, it certainly was tasty. Even the guacamole was good! Black olives would have only been the icing on the cake.
  • Distribution of Toppings: (6) When you are used to nachos with chili, everything else can seem a little dry. A nacho needs to have some serious assets to make up for the difference in texture, and while these were excellent in many ways, in the end they never quite pulled it off. The chicken was hidden in the middle and hard to access, the cheese, ample but clumpy. There were plenty of naked chips, which wasn’t all that bad considering the tastiness of the condiments.
  • Price: ( 8 ) $9 for a plate that two people couldn’t finish. Granted, we did lose focus once the rest of our food arrived…
  • Overall: 31/40. If you’re in the area these are worth a try, especially if you know what you are in for. However, Nacho Patrol also has it on good authority that the fried pickles are excellent…

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