Shout-Out: Crossroads Irish Pub and Restaurant

24 Mar
The fact the the sour cream and guac all over your face came from square plates makes you look a little more mature.

On the Boston side of the Mass Ave bridge sits an innocuous bar that gets a little rowdy on the weekends. This crowd-o-phobic patroller ventured through it’s salon-style entrance one Monday night to sneak a peek at their nachos. And by “peek,” I mean inhalation. Of course, that magic phrase “buffalo chicken” tosses this patrol into the “Specialty” section, but it’s location and the delightful service earn it this call to my fellow patrollers (who are more self-controlled than I in the face of buffalo chicken) to give Roads’ regular nachos a full and fitting review.

Presentation: Square plates. Yes. Just yes. The condiments even had their own appointed mini-plates, making for a presentation akin to those weird geometric-focus abstract paintings you see for no apparent reason in New York City galleries. Here in Boston, squares are for nomming and canvases are for representing things so that they can be interpreted. (You’ll have to forgive me; baseball season is kicking up soon. Not that I loathe and despise the Yankees or anything.) (8)

Quality of Toppings: Symphonious! Perfect crunch to every chip, well-baked cheese, and fresh guac. The chicken is the only part that’s dinging the score–while it was fried and flavorful, it was a bit dry. (7)

Distribution of Toppings: Crossroads is not messing around with their ‘chos. The toppings were not only well distributed throughout the chips, but the dish even managed to avoid that dreaded over-topping-ing that leaves the chips soggy. Also, there was no skimping on the side-dips. We ran out of salsa, but had licked the plate clean before we came up for air long enough to ask for more. (9)

Price: $8, and only an extra $0.50 for the delicious guacamole. That’s definitely on the cheaper end of the Boston zip code. (7)

Overall: A very sturdy 31. And if I could give bonus points for great staff, friendly patrons, and bro-voking draft list, I certainly would. 🙂 Thanks, ‘Roads!

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