May The Four’s Be With You

9 Feb

Notice: This “specialty nacho” Patrol has been submitted by Smash, with reluctant permission by the Nacho Patrol gods, on the condition that she keep it short and sweet.

The Four’s–in Downtown Boston, very close to North Station/T.D. Banknorth–DOES offer your run-of-the-mill Nachos Grande. I vow that someday I shall drag my fellow Patrollers with me and buy them more Nachos Grandes than even we can stuff into our big mouths. And I shall do this as compensation for NOT reviewing those nachos. Not today. Today, I must review The Four’s OTHER “nacho,” if you will, the “nacho” which distracted me from my Nacho Patrol duty. This is the Patrol of The Four’s Buffalo Chicken “Nachos.”


  • Appearance: Very colorful if you’re into fall, but without guac or, well, any organic ingredients for that matter, we’re working from a limited palette. But the substance, whiteness of chicken meat, and quantity make these “nachos” eye-candy.
  • Quality of toppings: Choice meat, crisp and salty chips, and of course excellent mozzarella cheese and buffalo sauce.
  • Distribution: mozzarella was clearly melted from fresh deli-style balls directly down to the chips, making for huge, perfect pockets of cheese everywhere. The buffalo sauce was slightly overdone and inescapable.
  • Price: At $10, I wasn’t complaining, and there was much more than enough to satisfy me and my 6’1″ companion, to the point that we had to take most of it home.
  • Overall: AMAZING. I cannot give these “nachos” an official numerical rating, as they are outside the bounds of acceptability for our criteria. I only venture to inform our readers that this is a damn good chip.

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