Cafe Sol Azteca: Buenos Nachos!

25 Jan

Before we get to the new and exciting news on the nacho front–namely Sol Azteca–we must first discourse on an intriguing drink from said restaurant, the Blue Margarita.


Largely an experiment, and not necessarily a good one, by Skyler, the blue marg resembles something like a glass of Romulan Ale (which is actually just Stop and Shop brand Blue Drink, your favorite lemon/lime soda, and Plastic Bottle Brand vodka). Delightfully blue and indeterminately alcoholic, the Blue Margarita is an excellent choice if you are a wimpy girl, wish you were a wimpy girl, or just feel the need for more neon-colored beverages in your life. We tested it so you probably don’t have to; stick with the excellent sangria.

A tiny hole in the wall under a row of elegant brownstones a few blocks from Fenway in BU’s South campus, Cafe Sol Azteca might be easy to forget. Covered with colorful painted tiles, unique tables, and Hispanic artwork on the wall, this little restaurant transcends expectations to be a comfortable and cozy experience. We review mostly Americanized bar nachos, so it was nice to go somewhere a bit more authentic (although we do realize that nachos really aren’t authentic Mexican food; the nachos here are known as “Nachos Gringo”). Nacho Patrol was impressed, and though some of our dishes weren’t the best, excuse us a moment to gush about the nachos.


  • Appearance: Not very colorful but very, very tempting. We were rushing to take a picture before digging in. Then, our waitress returned with an something even better– a cup of black beans in sauce to pour over the top! ( 9 )


  • Quality of toppings: The chips were the same ones that came in our complimentary chip basket; fresh, homemade, and utterly delicious (although they could have used just a touch of extra salt). The cheese was delicious and very melted, and there was some sort of chili-esque sauce underneath that we couldn’t quite identify, but still very much enjoyed. The jalapeños were more pickled than spicy, meaning that we could actually eat and enjoy them. The black beans that we poured over the top were also delicious. On top of all this, one of the highlights was the sizable bowl of guacamole on the side– fresh, lemony, chunky, sublime. Once again, a pinch more salt would have made this perfect. (9 )
  • Distribution: There was only one layer of cheese, but as these nachos were rather flat that still left a minority of naked chips. Having guacamole and fresh salsa (along with some of Andi’s black bean soup) on the side really gave us options for the naked chips, which greatly aided our enjoyment. (7 )
  • Price: The nachos themselves were $8.50; guacamole was an extra $2.
    Throughout our nacho adventures, we have come across some shocking variation in the price of guacamole, ranging from free to 50 cents to $2.50. Often, especially at the higher end of the scale, these costs seem unwarranted. But this guacamole was definitely worth the price. In addition, although these nachos were not huge, it was very clear that they were made of high quality ingredients; Nacho Patrol does, occasionally, appreciate quality over quantity. (7)
  • Overall: 32/40. An excellent, high-quality nacho with definite Mexican roots.

Fully sated, we donned our ponchos and sombreros, boarded our burros, and danced the cucaracha on down to our respective casas. Ole!

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