Agganis Arena: Nacho Terriertory

14 Jan

This is a No-Holds-Barred Patrol. When we discover the existence of a tortilla chip within .01″ of a cheese topping, Nacho Patrol is on the job, even if it involves masking ourselves in red and white and chanting “BC SUCKS!” until we’re blue-cheese in the face. For this particular review, proud 2009 Nacho Patrol sponsor jDeals “Dealio” Cassa was specially selected to assist in the consumption and review (and, uh, purchase) of these concession stand nachos.


  • Appearance: Yeah. There’s nothing hiding here but the salsa. Refer to picture. But keep reading! (1)
  • Quality of ingredients: The cheese was generic canned plastic, BUT the salsa and chips were alarmingly good! The chips were thin and super salty, as all tortillas in any form should be. The salsa was from a jar, rather than a can, and not too watery. That’s 2 out of 3! Rounding up out of ten, quality is getting a pretty solid score. (7)
  • Distribution: I would have liked a little more salsa, but there was delightfully enough topping to dip each individual chip! However, they lose points on the technicality that the ingredients weren’t actually distributed over the chips. (7)
  • Price: $4.50, for a sports arena, is not atrocious. For the quality of the ingredients, it was on-par. (5)
  • Overall: (20/40)

Not bad for concession ‘chos! If only we could give the Terriers the same score. Also, Nacho Patrol acknowledges that the last 3 out of 4 reviews have been non-restauranty. In the interest of our heath and sanity, our readers can expect this to change. Promptly. Next stop: Cambridge!

Edit: Fellow patroller, Andi, takes issue with a 20/40 review for concession stand nachos. They are not nachos–they are chips and fake cheese. Furthermore, ew. Also, no. The end.

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