Uno’s: The World of Nachos is Flat

13 Jan

dsc03078Nacho Patrol has, as of late, been in quite a good mood. Perhaps it’s that we have at long last all been reunited in Boston, perhaps it’s the pile of handmade goat milk soap Andi acquired in Florida, but it most likely has to do with the 42″ flat screen HD television, accompanying Wii, and seven bottles of liquor that recently ended up in the Nacho Patrol World Headquarters Foster Care System. Needless to say, nachos have come in a sad second in terms of our priorities. That said, we managed to tear ourselves from Mario Kart for a whole hour today to review Uno’s Pizzeria, a nationwide chain and a bit of a new adventure for Nacho Patrol.

  • Appearance: If nachos could be unnerving, these certainly caused a bit of a kerfuffle. First of all, they were flat. Huge plate, with a moderate amount of chips spread at most two-deep. At first, we were shocked– stack height is a key indicator we use in judging the quality of a nacho plate. But as our eyes got used to this strange, new nacho, it dawned on us: size isn’t everything (in nachos, that is). High stacks, while impressive, often come with a myriad of potentially problematic issues, making proper distribution and consumption difficult. Once we got past their stature, these nachos were fairly attractive, with tri-colored chips under a blanket of chili, salsa and cheese, with guacamole and sour cream on the side. (8 )
  • Quality of toppings: The chips were homemade but didn’t seem to be as heavy as some others we have found. Still, they could have used a sprinkling of salt. The chili had beef and whole kidney beans, always a plus. It was difficult to tell the salsa from the chili as both were spread over the top, but we have no reason to suspect that the salsa was anything other than out of a jar. The guacamole was also pre-made but significantly chunkier and more delicious than usual. (8 )
  • Distribution: The toppings came in contact with nearly all the chips, soaking some but allowing others to be free for dipping. Overall, quite good, although we would have appreciated more cheese.(8 )
  • Price: $9.78 for a moderately-sized plate of nachos. We’ve seen better. (6)
  • Overall: (30/40)

So, new and exciting adventures abound–a corporate nacho environment sees moderate triumph, we are surprised, and we get chased by little red flying shells. It’s a very rough life we lead.

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