Pour House: Diamond in the Rough

21 Dec

pour-house-nachosHere at Nacho Patrol, we are nothing if not dedicated to our craft. So when our foreign correspondent Shanti blew into town, neither wind nor snow nor ice nor subzero temperatures could keep us from our appointed rounds. Non-essential government employees may have been bundled up at home, but Nacho Patrol was out at the Pour House, indulging in their Nachos Grande with Chili.

  • Presentation: Vibrantly colorful, a symphony of colors and textures. Chili on one side and black beans on the other provided a nice contrast. A few pieces of iceberg lettuce served as a very unnecessary garnish. See the hand at the upper right of the photo? We were barely able to restrain ourselves long enough for a photo (9).
  • Quality of Toppings: The chili was excellent, mostly meat and not too soupy. The black beans also had a nice flavor to them. Chips and salsa were clearly packaged, but still delicious; the chips tasted fresh and crunchy. Cheese was a mild cheddar and jack combination, utterly delicious when melted. No guacamole, unfortunately. (7)
  • Distribution of Toppings: The division of the chili and black beans created a “Choose Your Own Adventure” nacho, allowing one to control the distribution of the toppings according to ones’s taste. The cheese was ample and very melty, coating the vast majority of the chips. For once, the placement of the sour cream and salsa on top did not hinder distribution, as the plate was wide enough to provide access to numerous chips. We did resort to forks fairly early in the journey; but while some chips were soggy enough to require utensils, many were still left crispy for manual usage. Even as they cooled off, the superb cheese and topping distribution left these nachos exceptionally appetizing (10).
  • Price: It came to $8.75 for a plate that three us us, with difficulty, managed to put away. A delicious, delicious bargain that would easily serve four (10).
  • Overall: 36. An excellent nacho from an unexpected source. Pour House, you have raised the bar for Boston nachos!

We will be back, but next time, we may smuggle in our own beer to combat the atrocious draft selection.

One Response to “Pour House: Diamond in the Rough”

  1. Amber and Jackie November 9, 2010 at 5:30 pm #

    You are wrong! THEY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE GUACAMOLE?!?!?!!? We are aficionados in nachos and would love to join you one day. We think our knowledge of Boston and surrounding area nachos would be very valuable to all. We have been on the quest for the best nachos for over a year now and have traveled far and wide.

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