The Lower Depths

21 Nov

dsc02932We here at Nacho Patrol call a lot of bars home–but when it comes to Monday afternoon drinking/writing adventures, there are few other places to which we will turn other than the Lower Depths. Located, as is the theme lately, in the Fenway Neighborhood, the Lower Depths is a trendy little bar with an interesting menu ($2 deep fried hot dogs!) and over 120 different kinds of beer (including 3 40oz brands! Long Live Mickey’s! And Tusker! Thank god!) Yes, we’ve spent a chunk of time there over the years…but until yesterday, we had not enjoyed the nachos. Unfortunately, our wallet wishes we would have kept it that way.

  • Presentation: served on a nice big plate by our friendly bartender, these nachos left little to the imagination. Of course, they were piled somewhat inelegantly in a heap, but the presentation yielded a colorful and mouthwatering display. (8)
  • Quality of toppings: The Lower Depths gets serious props for their amazing toppings. Mostly homemade, the chips were perfectly cooked, the salsa accented by chili powder, and the cheese gooey and delightfully melty. The guacamole was obviously homemade, delightfully chunky and lemony. The refried beans, though probably from a can, added a nice touch. How refreshing it can be to go meat free (though they offer homemade chili and grilled chicken for an additional few dollars). (9)
  • Distribution of toppings: Alas, all good reviews must come to an end somewhere…the Lower Depths did just fine in the art of building the perfect bar nacho; the chips were all perfectly cheesy (which is admittedly easy to do when there are so few chips to dress), but the beans were hidden under a thick layer of nacho and the salsa, guac, and sour cream were presented in three little piles that made distribution difficult. (6)
  • Price: the strangest thing about these nachos is not how much they cost in relation to the average prices in the Fenway area, but their cost in relation to prices at the Lower Depths. A whopping $10 for a small plate of nachos? Nacho Patrol has never heard of such a thing! That doesn’t include any extras such as meat or chili. For that much, we have come to expect a plate of nachos that two people could not finish, but we took care of them quite handily, and probably could have tackled more. (4)
  • Overall: 27/40. Delicious while they lasted, but not nearly enough.

Lower Depths, you have failed us! It was the first time, and please let it be the last!

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