Our House West: Literally our home, but a few blocks West

7 Oct

Oh, Our House West. Den of vice, iniquity, and many a lost Tuesday night. Why do we keep coming back? Andi got lectured by a bouncer on her birthday. Smash used to work here (and promptly quit). Skyler’s phone once spent three days inside the pool table. And Ann Marie…well, let’s just say that if you spend enough time at Our House, eventually you will end up drinking wine with her on our roof at 3am. Yet despite all the awkwardness and embarrassment, we continue to return, for the $3 Brubaker’s, consistently favorable male-to-female ratio, and the fact that it is within stumbling distance of Nacho Patrol World Headquarters. Late one Saturday night, two members decided to look for another reason to visit this haunt: the Nacho Platter.

  • Presentation: Bright and colorful due to the veggies, with the sour cream, salsa and guacamole poured on the top. Arguably the most aesthetically pleasing plate we have as of yet come across (9).
  • Quality of toppings: These nachos get major bonus points for the inclusion of pepperocini, chopped fresh tomatoes and green peppers. The cheese was also very good, a moderately sharp cheddar. The salsa and guacamole were clearly from a can, and the jalapenos were quite strange, more pickled than spicy. Once again, no black olives; this is presenting itself as a significant weakness in the Boston nacho scene (7).
  • Distribution of toppings: These nachos were more wide than tall; with the ample serving of cheese, we thought it would be hard for these to not have an excellent, delectable distribution. However, towards the end of the plate we encountered the dreaded naked chips; and because the condiments had been poured on top of the nachos, we had already eaten through them. More condiments could have raised the score here. (7).
  • Price: For $7, a solid plate of nachos. Not incredibly substantial, more of a bar nosh than a meal. But still delicious, and two of us couldn’t finish it (7).
  • Overall: (30/40) A decent nacho. We at Nacho Patrol must confess that we didn’t do our research beforehand, and didn’t know to request these nachos with chili. This may have solved a number of problems and given the plate more cohesion. However, we can’t fault them for that, so we’ll call these nachos as they are: A more than suitable option for when you need a little something to soak up all those beers.

And who are we kidding? Even if these nachos had consisted of a pile of toe jam on top of fish scales, we’d still be coming back. See you next Tuesday!

Nacho Patrol

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